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2024 Toyota Land Cruiser: Review, Pricing, And Specs

Jul 04, 2023

Toyota's iconic Land Cruiser is all-new for 2024 to take on the new generation of offroad-capable SUVs

For the last 72 years, the Land Cruiser has been Toyota's do anything, go anywhere, world-spanning SUV. But its evolution has been slow, and the 200 series that new edition replaces in North America is now 16 years old (other parts of the world have had many other variants). Since then, the large SUV class has modernized, changed, and diversified, with everything from four-ton Rivian EVs to Baja-storming Broncos chipping away at market share. In 2021, the last year of U.S. Land Cruiser sales, Toyota sold 3,711 of them, 0.16% of it's total, and that was still more than 2020. Even Jaguar-Land Rover is selling four times as many of the most traditional Range Rover model.

Toyota isn't the world's second-largest automaker because they make bad decisions, so to keep one of the most famous names in the automotive world alive, Land Cruiser would have to modernize.

The 2024 250-series Land Cruiser is not evolutionary, though: It's a complete change. It uses a global truck platform that does not support a V-8, so a high-output variant on the corporate hybrid turbo 2.4 four-cylinder is underhood, while the exterior has gone full retro, with a lot of old Land Cruiser—and FJ—cues. It's controversial, and only time will tell if it works.

Toyota provided initial information about the 2024 Land Cruiser late in the summer of 2023, but the company won't finalize all details including mileage, final pricing, and weight until spring of 2024. It will not be available to road test until that time.

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Expert Opinion: Dating to 1951, the Land Cruiser is completely reinvented for 2024. It rides on a modern global truck platform and has heritage-inspired styling inside and out. The biggest change is that V-8 engines are no longer available: North America will only get an inline-four 2.4-liter turbo hybrid. Offroad capability remains best in class.

Literally everything, although it has many parts in common with Toyota trucks. Known as the Prado (light-duty model) in many global markets, the 250-Series LC is now based on the global TNGA-F truck platform, shared with (or soon to be) the 2024 Tundra, Tacoma, and Sequoia; and any Lexus counterparts. It's a lightweight, high-strength ladder frame using tailor welded blank (TWB) construction, which is fascinating but deeply technical. Toyota says it's a massive 30% more rigid overall than the old model and allows for more wheel articulation.

It's narrower and shorter than the last North American model by an inch or two, and presumably much lighter, although a weight hasn't been published yet. The new platform cannot accept a V-8, and only comes with a high-performace variant of the corporate turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four, with a 1.87 kWh battery hybrid sytem helping to make up the difference. The more powerful V-6 hybrid offered in other models on the platform is not an option.

Styling is very reminiscent of a large FJ Cruiser, if more angular, and it's hard not to think it wants to be invited to the same parties as the Ford Bronco. It is still a real offroader, and has four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case, good approach and departure angles, and a lot of technology (and off-road accessories). Testing video shows a flat underbody with some protection, so there shouldn't be much to hang up on the trail, for the 1% of owners who will take one offroad.

The interior is as chunky as the exterior and while distinctive, it has a lot of black plastic. Toyota traditionally pays a lot of attention to making the things you touch feel good, so it should be an acceptable place to spend time.

All three trims ("grades"), Land Cruiser 1958, Land Cruiser, and the limited run Land Cruiser First Edition, have the same exterior dimensions. Toyota has not yet disclosed some measurements. The 2024 model has slightly less ground clearance, but better angles of approach, breakover, and departure than the old model, due to smaller front and rear overhangs—overall length is down slightly, but the wheelbase is the same.


193.7 inches


84.2 inches (inc. mirrors)


73.2 inches


112.2 inches

Front/Rear Track


Ground Clearance (max)

8.7 inches

Curb Weight


The single biggest change to the 'Yota for this year is the corporate T24A-FTS hybrid turbo inline-four as the only engine option. The company calls it i-FORCE MAX, and it will also be found in U.S. Tacomas. At least at launch, the Tundra and Sequoia's hot 3.4-liter 437 horsepower/583 pound-feet hybrid V-6 will not be available, which is an indication of how much smaller it is than the 7,385 pounds of trail crushing weight of the last generation Cruiser.

The mild hybrid uses a small 1.87 kWh battery pack and 48hp motor integrated into the eight-speed transmission. There's no information yet about whether there will be an all-electric drive mode like smaller Toyota hybrids, but in a truck-based SUV we don't think it's likely. In the Tacoma, the same system is used to help the truck stay in a higher gear more often, improving fuel economy. The instant torque at zero RPM will also be welcome when trail crawling, or getting a towed load moving.

For offroading, there's an electronically-disconnecting anti-sway bar, full-time four-wheel-drive with a two-speed transfer case, and Multi Terrain Select, which has a range of different drive modes for different conditions, including low-speed crawl control.




465 LB.FT.


8-speed automatic


Full-time 4WD with locking center and rear differentials, two-speed transfer case

Fuel Economy

N/A, est. 27 MPG combined

Fuel Capacity


0-60 MPH


Top SPeed


We have limited information about the interior. Everything is very chunky, verging on comically oversized, with knee cushions, side bolsters, and interior grab handles. Toyota has gone for full belt-and-suspenders with controls—there's a digital dash and eight-inch horizontal screen, but also dozens of buttons and switches, including at least 15 of them on the steering wheel, which also sports its own small display, paddle shifters, and two multifunction stalks.

There is a lot of textured black plastic everywhere, with only a few accents like a strip for your arm on the door, stylized vents, and hints of trim. Some features, like a heads-up display, larger 12.3-inch display, leather, and premium audio, will be limited to upper trim levels or a premium package. We know there's the usual 60-40 split/fold-flat rear seats, with a high liftover to accommodate the undercarriage-mounted spare tire.

Interior dimensions for the 2024 Land Cruiser are not yet available, although we do know that the "1958" model will not offer third row seats.

As a new model there is no reliability data, but Toyota has been the most reliable automaker for a long, long time, and the Land Cruiser uses a lot of parts from Toyota trucks. The T24A-FTS 2.4-liter hybrid engine is already well-developed, and a simpler design than the V-6 hybrid. The LC's many electronic systems, both interior and offroad-oriented, are complex, but again, this is not the company's first rodeo.

In typical Toyota fashion, all models come with comprehensive safety features and the full Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0) package. The only safety-related feature of which we're aware that may be optional is a heads-up display. This will still be a tall, heavy SUV with a lot of wheel travel and tall (70R/18) offroad-biased tires, so physics is still going to win in an emergency maneuver.

TSS 3.0 is updated for the new Land Cruiser, and incudes emergency stop for nonresponsive (or extremely distracted) drivers, upgraded blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, and hill-start control for steep (unpaved) grades or other slippery conditions.

IIHS has never tested a Land Cruiser, and the NHTSA has not crashed one since 1982.

The Land Cruiser has the same warranty as all other Toyota passenger vehicles in North America, two years/25,000 miles of Toyotacare free service; a 36-month/36,000-mile basic warranty, and additional warranties for the powertrain and hybrid systems. These lengths are typical for most automakers, although Range Rover offers an additional year.



Full Warranty

36 month/36,000 mile

Powertrain Warranty

60 month/60,000 mile

Maintenance Warranty

Two years/25,000 miles

Roadside Warranty

Two years/unlimited mileage

Hybrid Components Warranty

Eight years/100,000 miles

Hybrid Battery

10 years/150,000 miles transferrable

The Land Cruiser seems to be moving downscale from its "luxury offroader" image. The new model hypothetically comes in under $60,000, far under the old model's $85,000-and-up, and it moves into a very different category where you would now cross-shop a Wrangler or Bronco. Even the least expensive Land Rover Discovery is going to run you over $90,000 at a dealer, although a base Rivian R1S will overlap with higher trim levels.

Toyota will also be slotting it in between its own Sequoia and offroad-focused 4Runner, neither of which have 2024 models announced yet. Sequoia, as a substantially larger seven-seater, is likely to be less direct competition than the 4Runner, where a Limited trim is generally priced in the $50,000 range.

Just optioning the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 in a four-door Bronco Badlands gets the MSRP to $56,720, which puts it within the margin of error of the expected price of the LC. It's still a little down on power, but it's also under 5,000 pounds, which we'd be pleasantly surprised if the Toyota can match, so power-to-weight is likely to be comparable. Both interiors are loaded with black plastic, although the Bronco's is more highly styled and arguably more interesting. You will have to pony up another $1,900 to get a hard top on the Bronco instead of the cloth roof.

The Bronco has the hardware to make it a serious offroad contender, and either should be Rubicon capable. Toyota's standard safety and driver convenience package is industry-leading, and you have to option up tp a package with Ford Co-Pilot360 to match it. Just optioning a hard top, safety features, and the V-6 makes it a $63,190 MSRP. It's still another $5,200 to get a package with on-demand four-wheel drive, making it extremely easy to turn a Bronco into a $70,000 SUV.

Ford already offers numerous factory options, Jeep-style, to outfit it for work and play, and Toyota promises to have "over 100" accessories available to order with the vehicle.

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Sibling rivalry can be ugly, but this one shouldn't last long. A new 4Runner will probably launch until next year as a 2025 model, so we're not likely to see any significant changes between the 2023 and 2024 models. It's possible there won't be a 2024 4Runner, but it sells well enough and is such a large part of Toyota lore that we expect another full year.

The two vehicles share a lot in capability, but they get there in very different ways. The 4Runner is one of the oldest of old school SUVs—much like the Jeep Wrangler, it's focused on capability first, and comfort second. We think it's a great looking design, especially in the murdered-out (and sold out) 40th Anniversary Special Edition. It's the last holdout for the 4.0-liter V-6 in Toyota's lineup, although we have no information about what engine will be available for 2024.

It's not a very refined an experience now, and it will definitely be less refined than the Land Cruiser. The old platform means that some modern features, both safety and convenience, just aren't available. However, the 4Runner has an available seven-seat configuration, and no seven seat Land Cruiser has been announced yet. The 4Runner is one of the top-10 most reliable vehicles ever made, and if we were choosing, we'd grab one for its durability and charm while we could over the Land Cruiser.

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Toyota says the base Land Cruiser 1958 grade will start "in the mid-$50,000 range." The limited production, range-topping First Edition, which folds in numerous standard and unique options, will add to that substantially. We also anticipate that dealer markups are likely to make it difficult to find one at the listed retail price until initial demand is filled, which could easily take a year or more.

Trim Level


Land Cruiser 1958

$55,000 (est)

Land Cruiser

$65,000 (est)

Land Cruiser First Edition

$70,000 (est)

Toyota has since removed this reference to fuel economy

Toyota briefly published a 27 MPG combined figure for the 2024 Land Cruiser, then quietly deleted it, but not before it had been reported widely and that does give an indication of the vicinity they're expecting. We don't think it'll be that high—the same engine (albeit with a different motor setup) in a much more aerodynamic Lexus RX500h does reach that 27 MPG mark in real-world driving, so we'd expect the LC to come in at the 24-26 MPG range. Full-time four-wheel drive and losses from the transfer case, as well as knobby tires, will also eat a few MPG.

Even so, this would almost double the real world 12-15 MPG of the V-8. It's possible premium fuel grades may be required to achieve this, but it would be out of character for the SUV's go-anywhere attitude.

In other Toyotas where the hybrid 2.4 has replaced larger engines, gains have been modest, although there should be a lot more room for improvement when combined with a (presumably) much lower curb weight. The turbo should make a difference at higher altitudes, where the V-8 struggled a little. We don't see any reason the different trims should have different mileage

Trim Level

City (est)

Highway (est)

Combined (est)

Annual Fuel Cost (est)

Land Cruiser 1958

21 MPG

28 MPG

24 MPG


Land Cruiser

21 MPG

28 MPG

24 MPG


Land Cruiser FIrst Edition

21 MPG

28 MPG

24 MPG


At a promised mid-$50,000 price point, coming in right between a TRD Pro 4Runner or Grand Highlander and Sequoia, it's a very attractive proposition for someone who wants to stand out, and retain the potential to take it offroad. Its stiffest competition may be Toyota's own 4Runner, and we don't yet know enough specifics about what it's actually like to drive the Land Cruiser to tell if there's an argument for making the upgrade. Toyota will probably differentiate the two further with the 2025 4Runner.

Both the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited play in very similar price ranges, although they both have a huge range of models and trims that make a direct comparison difficult. We expect the Land Cruiser will be easier to live with as a commuter than the Jeep, and Toyota reliability will certainly be a factor. We're not sold on the Land Cruiser's styling, especially compared to a four-door Bronco. As a brand-new design, Toyota will almost certainly offer a higher level of standard equipment, especially safety, than anything else in the class, and there's something to be said for driving a genuine legend.

David has road tested cars from 1896 to the present day, and can currently be found on the side of the road in Vermont in one of his interesting but continually broken jalopies.

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