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Do You Think There’s Room For A Baby Land Cruiser In Toyota’s Lineup?

Jun 29, 2023

Digital rendering applies the Land Cruiser Prado styling treatment into a unibody subcompact SUV as a rugged-looking alternative to the Toyota Yaris Cross

This story includes independent renderings of a fictional baby Land Cruiser that are not related to nor endorsed by Toyota

The Toyota Land Cruiser lineup currently comprises the new J250 (Prado), the larger J300, and the immortal J70 Series, but the automaker recently announced plans to further expand it in the future. Inspired by the idea of a broader Land Cruiser family, digital artist Theottle infused the styling of the new J250 into the body of a small SUV.

The renderings were based on the totally unrelated Geely Icon that was only used as a reference to the size and proportions of the segment. Theotle did a great job in infusing the lines and surfacing of the Land Cruiser into a smaller body although the result would certainly cause controversy.

The longer front overhang, smaller ground clearance, and sporty alloy wheels shod in low-profile tires are not the best match for the boxy and rugged style of the Land Cruiser. However, we must admit that the rear section of the profile merges nicely with the retro LED taillights and the boxy wheel arches. Overall, the fictional baby Land Cruiser would make a fitting rival to the Jeep Avenger, although we can easily picture a larger version getting into the territory of the Ford Bronco Sport.

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The sub-compact SUV segment (B-SUV) is quite popular in many parts of the world including Europe. Buyers seem to love the adventurous stance and greater practicality of sporty high-riding crossovers compared to the mechanically-related superminis, despite the significantly higher price tag.

While a baby Land Cruiser would certainly have many prospective buyers, it would also cause discomfort to loyal fans of the nameplate. Such an offering would be too small, soft, and road-focused to bear the iconic Land Cruiser moniker which is closely tied to exceptional off-road credentials, reliability, and practicality. For this reason, we believe that Toyota will keep using the Yaris Cross nameplate for the B-SUV segment, reserving the Land Cruiser for properly-sized rugged SUVs.

Speaking of which, the official teaser shown during the Land Cruiser’s launch suggests that the next offerings set to adopt the nameplate are an FJ Cruiser-style off-roader, a larger modern-styled SUV, and an electric scooter with off-road capabilities.

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