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Ford shows Fox Body Mustang owners some love with new parts

Jun 13, 2023

It's always nice when an automaker tosses its most ardent supporters a bone or two in the form of new parts. That's exactly what Ford did when the Ford Performance division announced some new Fox Body Mustang accessories at an enthusiast gathering for the third-gen pony car.

It's hard to believe, but even the newest Fox Body Mustangs are 30 years old now. They're bona fide classics, and Ford recently hosted a Foxfest car show at its Dearborn, Michigan, headquarters for fans of the platform. At the event, Ford announced and showed off new seats and car covers for the Fox Body, along with some other bits for the S550 Mustang as well.

The "Monza 2.0" seats are made by Recaro and were designed for the Fox Body — with squared-off seat backs and headrests that look right at home in the '80s body style. Suede inserts add a touch of class and grip, while horizontal stripes across the seatback and calf-facing area provide some subtle design flair. A Ford logo is embroidered in the corner of the headrest, and a gradient "Motorsport" logo is stitched on the top edge of the seatback. They're not hardcore racing seats, and Ford says they can be used on any vintage Mustang, but they look most era-appropriate on a Fox 5.0 LX or GT. Buyers will have their choice of either gray or black.

The Fox Body car cover is another excellent piece for 1979-93 Mustang owners. It's fitted specially for the third-generation 'Stang, which is reason enough to splurge over the cheapo covers on Amazon. What really sells us, though, are the triple blue stripes reminiscent of the Zakspeed Turbo Mustang race car of the 1980s.

In addition to the Fox Body accessories, Ford Performance also introduced seats and car covers for the new S550 Mustang. To our eyes, the white seats look too much like gaming chairs, but that could just be our Gen X brains talking.

While it's not quite on the level of a heritage parts program like Toyota is doing for AE86, Supra and Land Cruiser owners, or that Nissan is doing for Skyline GT-R owners, the recognition for Fox Body fans still resonates. Hopefully Ford will add some new OEM slatted taillight covers to its catalogs soon.

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