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Here’s What Makes The Toyota Land Cruiser Impossible To Beat

Jun 15, 2023

Reliability isn't the only reason why the Land Cruiser is impossible to beat.

No matter where you find yourself in this great big world, it is almost guaranteed that a Land Cruiser will pass by. Depending on your location, that Land Cruiser might be carrying children through the city or soldiers through war. The Land Cruiser is one of the most versatile vehicles ever created. Its versatility comes from a spacious cabin that is paired with strong and durable underpinnings. In fact, the Land Cruiser has been characterized as one of the most reliable vehicles ever made, and that is a big compliment.

We firmly believe that the Land Cruiser is both unbeatable but also irreplaceable, and it must retain its old-school rugged appeal, or else the world will lose a legend. In this article, we will be explaining why.

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Like most 4x4s are, the Land Cruiser at first was a Japanese version of the Jeep, but as the years progressed, it evolved into a whole different vehicle. Up until the 1990s, the Land Cruiser featured a spacious body paired with a very strong base with solid front and rear axles. Those axles could be had with lockers that further increased the Land Cruiser’s capabilities.

This blend of space, comfort, and immense durability is what won over the hearts of people both in the cities and in the outback. Many army fleets are made up of Land Cruisers as people know it is one of the few vehicles that will be able to get them down to the battlefield while also bringing them back to base again.

The Land Cruiser’s quality is perhaps one of the main reasons that this car is impossible to beat. You see, after the late 1990s, the Land Cruiser might have become softer with an independent front end, more luxurious interior, and larger body. However, its underpinnings were still made with incredible quality in mind. The 100 series and 200 series Land Cruisers which came after the legendary 80 series are known to last for hundreds of miles even when used off-road. Sure, they don’t have the off-road abilities of the old models, but they offer a more well-rounded vehicle that is also very comfortable on the road.

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The legend behind the Land Cruiser has created somewhat of a cult following which makes this car impossible to beat. This is because aftermarket companies have come up with a vast array of modification products that are designed to make the Land Cruiser even more capable off-roader and camper. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the Land Cruiser, as an off-roader, has the big advantage of being known and used all around the globe. Therefore, you will be able to find parts and someone to fix your Land Cruiser regardless of where you happen to be.

All the above points are mainly down to the car’s history. If the early decades of the model weren’t so successful, the car wouldn’t have the support it currently has.

Currently, the Land Cruiser isn’t offered as one vehicle. Toyota sells the more SUV family-oriented 300 Series to most of the world while countries with industries like mining or with rough terrain like Africa receive the 70 series.

The 70 Series is one of the most unique vehicles on sale right now as it offers two solid axles, a very basic interior, and cabins that come in a wagon, troop carrier, or double cab configuration. All three variants have the same chassis but with a different wheelbase.

The 70 Series Land Cruiser is meant for heavy-duty work. It is an extremely common sight on the roads of Australia and Africa as people need a car that is both new but also old school. The 70 series stays true to the Land Cruiser routs offering a design no other car on the new market offers.

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The 200 Series Land Cruiser which was the latest Land Cruiser up until recently was still very reliable. It may not have been as reliable as the older models, but when compared to other modern vehicles it was far better.

The 200 series was replaced with the 300 series not long ago and the Land Cruiser’s trajectory to a more family-oriented luxury SUV is starting to take its toll on the model. You see, the new 300 series is only offered with a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6. This in itself isn’t a bad thing as the engine has plenty of grunt. What is a problem is the fact that it is a hot-v design. Hot-v engines are engines that have the exhaust manifold inside the V of the engine while the intake manifolds wrap their way around the outside. This is good for packaging but terrible for heat management. Many hot-v engines of the past have had problems with frying components due to the excessive heat that is being trapped in between the two banks of the engine. So, we are almost certain that as soon as the 300 starts to gather up some age, problems in that area might arise.

This, however, is only speculation. What isn’t speculation is the fact that this engine has an excessive oil consumption problem. Customers complain that their new 300 series Land Cruiser might use more than a liter of oil in between service intervals. Toyota tried to cover this issue by saying that all engines use oil. However, 1 liter in between services is far too excessive and their efforts on making this seem like a normal engine design trait simply diminish the image of the company.

So, does this mean that the Land Cruiser as we know it is dead? Well, it sure isn’t as durable as it used to be. However, there seem to be talks about bringing a different version of it back to the US. Also, the legendary 70 series will continue; therefore, we believe that the nameplate still has potential. Toyota just needs to make sure no over-complicated designs are implemented into upcoming models.

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