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Toyota to be world's top auto seller in Jan

Aug 18, 2023

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I should have left my 2016 RAV4; XLE sitting in the driveway in Florida with a cover on it.

Barely had 40,000 miles. Anything new will cost you a fortune (bought new).

Toyota = best auto company in the world.

I've only owned Toyotas for the last 35 years. That's only 3. They are tanks. Best cars on the road. And they need repairs only rarely, too. They look good, they run good, and they last and last and last.

WA4TKG -- you're right. New cars are way out of hand in price. If I have to pay a chunk of money for a new one some day, it would be a Toyota. I'm would then probably be too old to drive when I need a new one. I agree with Fighto!

My Toyota Camry I bought in 2006 runs like a charm.

My first Toyota in after graduating from college was a manual Celica. Oh, I loved that car! Got me through a major blizzard driving from Buffalo to Ithaca, NY. That little car did it! Never, ever I will forget that drive.

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